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I've been talking to Lucas for 6 months and until now he's been helping me with the whole process of importing the business from the design to the registration and so on, I'm still in the process of registering it but I'm getting it done very quickly, the state regulations have made it a slow process but my sales have been working with me to solve the problems. we were running into a lot of problems before and am sure that we can still move forward, will be posting more pictures later on.
same as the earlier submission of a great experience would not purchase again. damaged during shipment, no heads up the axle,wheels and hitch was removed had to pay for trucker,storage and install of all cost me $2k

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    Containers are mainly 20ft and 40ft. If the total size of your trailer is less than 20ft, choosing a 20ft container for transportation can save you money. If the axle is not disassembled for transportation, the trailer cannot enter the container, even if it can be accommodated by the container, then the inside of the trailer It is very low, and the staff will not be able to stand and work. This is a matter of common sense. Only by disassembling the wheel axle can the interior of the trailer be ensured to be high enough. There are strong winds and waves during shipping. In order to ensure that your trailer does not collide inside the container, disassemble the wheel axle and tow it. The pole is to ensure that the trailer is intact, and I have sent you an assembly video. Adults can assemble it in half an hour. Of course, you can choose 40HQ container transportation, but the freight is more expensive. I think every supplier will save you. Cost options for dismantling axles for transport
    22 Feb 2024
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